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Students help fight hunger

Doug Ramsay photo
Snohomish High School senior Nathan Nicholson (left) and junior Lauryn LePoidevin fill a packet with dried ingredients which will become one of the 200,000 meals that were assembled at the high school on Wednesday, May 9.

SNOHOMISH — A drive at Snohomish High School collected 200,000 meals for Haiti and local food services. More on this story...

Blackmans Lake to get a little help from its friends

SNOHOMISH — Blackmans Lake is receiving renewed interest from someone who wants to see it cleaned up.
Bob Roush has been organizing against pollution, invasive plants and unwanted wildlife at the lake since late last year and will take his effort public at a meeting this coming Monday, May 21. More on this story...

Forest Park pool fees proposed to increase

By SAMANTHA CHAPMAN, contributing writer Published May 9, 2018     Future Everett Y pool to have open access for city residents   EVERETT — Pending a deal the Everett City Council will likely pass this week, city residents will be able to use the YMCA’s fEVERETT — Admission fees at the Forest Park Swim Center are proposed to increase in January. The first of three public input meetings is Thursday, May 17.

More on this story...

Gallery’s show offers a glimpse of uniquely composed art

SNOHOMISH — A May art exhibit at the Arts of Snohomish Gallery is giving visitors a unique view into the life and work of locals with disabilities.The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. at 1024 First St. in Snohomish. The exhibit runs through May.

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Hal Moe Pool demolished

Michael Whitney photo
Backhoes took to work and demolished Hal Moe Pool Monday, May 14. The site at Third Street and Pine Avenue is turning into a green space park. The lettering and a few other elements of the building were removed for preservation before demolition. Hal Moe Pool closed in 2007. Hal Moe Pool broke ground July 25, 1970 and a community fundraiser paid to open it. It received a roof in 1988.

Future Everett Y pool to have open access for city residents

EVERETT — Pending a deal the Everett City Council will likely pass this week, city residents will be able to use the YMCA’s future pool even if they are not a Y member.

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Everett vote on having more marijuana stores is May 16

EVERETT — The City Council is set to decide whether the city should lift restrictions to allow five more legally licensed recreational marijuana stores open within city limits. Last week the council weighed the topic.

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Bill Bates, former Snohomish County Tribune publisher, served the community he loved

SNOHOMISH — Bill Bates, longtime Tribune editor and publisher, was willing to take a chance on people and always willing to listen to new ideas and take on new experiences. He stayed active into his 90s and the mountains' call was always inviting.


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Project Homeless Connect, one-stop event for help, ceases

EVERETT — The annual Project Homeless Connect one-stop event for getting people help will not be taking place this year.

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City Council considering giving Mayor Kartak a raise

SNOHOMISH — Mayor John Kartak’s $18,000-a-year salary may increase if the City Council decides it is right. The conversation is now set for the June 5 City Council meeting.

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Mothers with heart

Doug Ramsay photo

Francisca Allard sits in the yard of the family’s home near Snohomish, along with her three children, left to right, Taylor, 20; Raegan, 3; and Mason, 7.

SNOHOMISH — One mother gave a priceless gift in a moment, the other over the course of 30 years. More on this story...


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