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Neighbors mobilize against squatters in their cul-de-sac

Snohomish Police Department photo

Neighbors, elected officials and police officers gathered Wednesday, March 21 for a meeting at Weaver Way prompted by neighborhood complaints at the City Council meeting the night before. The house discussed in the story is not visible in the picture.

SNOHOMISH — A problem house has neighbors' attention and chagrin as squatters have moved in. More on this story...

Library levy asks for cash boost to avoid service cuts

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A measure asking for a library levy lid lift is on ballots being mailed out this week.

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Lord Hill Park users share diverse visions, new effort ramps up

SNOHOMISH — Stakeholders looking to reshape the future for Lord Hill Regional Park are still meeting, and a new effort aims to fund the $150,000 environmental impact study the county missed out on.

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Schools’ proposed sex ed add-ons concern parents

SNOHOMISH — The Snohomish School District is planning to adopt supplementary new sexual health education resources for 5th through 12th graders that some parents consider to be in part misguided and inappropriate.

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New hub planned for Casino Road

Public meeting asking for ideas is April 17

EVERETT — A space at the Children’s Village center at 14 E. Casino Road is set to be remodeled into a community hub, and stakeholders want to hear from the public what should be built into it.

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High school student to be honored at Carnegie Hall

MONROE — A student's artwork, painstakingly drawn in pencil, won her an award where she will go to Carnegie Hall -- the one in New York -- this summer.

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Future firefighters get ready at new training ground

EVERETT — At the Snohomish County Fire Training Academy, 27 recruits drawn from across the county are learning the ropes.

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A softball trio’s rally: Three inseparable cousins find one struck ill

SNOHOMISH — Three teenage cousins who have played softball together for years are challenged by their toughest opponent as one is being treated for a blood cancer.

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Veteran Snohomish officer tasked on homelessness, outreach

SNOHOMISH — An officer who joined March 1 in a specialty capacity has been tasked with dual roles to assist homeless and in-crisis individuals and serve as a resource to neighborhoods and other groups.

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Noose used in harassment incident in central Everett

EVERETT — Two men in a car displayed a noose, which is used to send a clear and dangerous message, to harass a resident earlier this month. It comes on top of phone calls and other harassment she is receiving.

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A better Broadway may be on horizon in Everett

EVERETT — A vision and call for a much nicer North Broadway corridor is being given a warm reception at City Hall.Growth alone could reshape Broadway. The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) estimates Everett may grow by an average of more than 3,200 people per year between now and 2035.

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Emergency radio system needs replacement

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — To be able to afford a new emergency radio system for the equipment officers and firefighters carry, county officials are looking at options that each ultimately point to a ballot measure this August or November.

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Snohomish County’s homeless children widespread

The number of children going to sleep without a permanent home on a daily basis across the county tops 3,000, and while the Recession has waned, the number of homeless students has grown and "who" is homeless has shifted, experts say. More on this story...


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