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Panthers speak for school safety after Florida

Doug Ramsay photo

Snohomish High School students along with several faculty members formed a large heart in the center of the school’s athletic field on Wednesday, March 14 to show love and unity.

SNOHOMISH — Snohomish High School students added their unique voice to a nationwide chorus in solidarity with Parkland, Florida school shooting survivors. More on this story...

Bickford Avenue affordable housing development project dies

SNOHOMISH — Plans for a large affordable housing complex in Snohomish were scuttled because of a federal grant problem: Snohomish is considered "not rural enough" for the grant.

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Hippity, hoppity, the Snohomish Easter Parade’s on its way

SNOHOMISH — The 38th Annual Snohomish Easter Parade will be Saturday, March 31 starting at 11 a.m. along First Street.

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Emergency radio system needs replacement

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — To be able to afford a new emergency radio system for the equipment officers and firefighters carry, county officials are looking at options that each ultimately point to a ballot measure this August or November.

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Monroe approves “no sit-lie” ordinance on sidewalks, may set stay-out-of-drug area

MONROE — The City Council has approved an ordinance to move homeless people off city sidewalks and is considering a separate ordinance to exclude people convicted of drug crimes from certain high-drug trafficking areas of Monroe.

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Monroe council may let ATVs on public streets

MONROE — The City Council is working on an ordinance to legalize driving wheeled all-terrain vehicles on roads in the city with speed limits 35 miles per hour or lower.

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Carnegie vote is step toward its restoration

SNOHOMISH — One more domino has toppled on the path to demolishing the 1968 add-on to the 1910 Carnegie Building, Snohomish’s oldest publicly owned property. The City Council voted 5–2 to go forward.

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Jazz talent at Glacier Peak making her mark

SNOHOMISH — The 17-year-old Glacier Peak High School student has performed on many stages already, honing her craft, and will be performing at Seattle’s famed Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley on March 19 for a chance at Kobe Shinkaichi Jazz Queen Vocalist Contest in Japan..

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Therapy through horses

MONROE — A program for children with special needs to gain confidence and learn skills by working with a stable of horses is helping youth.

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Snohomish woman hoping to raise money to help get a service dog

SNOHOMISH — A Snohomish woman whose past victimization haunts her todaybelieves a service dog will help her control her anxiety to participate in society again. She has a few days left to come up with a few thousand dollars.

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Methadone clinics halted for now

EVERETT — The City Council voted 6-1 last week to temporarily prohibit any new medical clinics downtown as a slow down measure aimed to prevent the chances of a methadone clinic from opening.

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Food banks can use more supplies during springtime

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Food banks face a lull in the spring before the annual Postal Carriers Food Drive.
As always, cash is king for donations.

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Snohomish County’s homeless children widespread

The number of children going to sleep without a permanent home on a daily basis across the county tops 3,000, and while the Recession has waned, the number of homeless students has grown and "who" is homeless has shifted, experts say. More on this story...

Monroe looks to hush train horns using quiet zone regulations

MONROE — The city is working to silence train horns at crossings by establishing what’s known as a quiet zone, which would largely stop the familiar suburban sound.

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Historic Everett Theatre is for sale

EVERETT — "The Historic E" is seeking a buyer and historians are monitoring the sale as it is in a 116-year-old building.

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Local roller derbier brings home gold

SNOHOMISH — Lacey Ramon, known in roller derby circles at Carmen Getsome, is more than a tough veteran in the sport. She's also now a two-time winner in the sport's World Cup after going overseas to compete earlier in February.

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