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Snohomish has 3-acre local brush fire

A Snohomish Fire District 4 firefighter sprays onto the three-acre fire along Ludwig Road on Thursday, Sept. 28.

SNOHOMISH — The brush fire seen across west Snohomish happened Thursday, Sept. 28.

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Why wasn’t Cascade’s  greenhouse program saved?

EVERETT — A five-year saga that began with a student’s question ended abruptly this summer with the dismantling of Cascade High School’s food-producing greenhouse and a nascent aquaponics system.

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Bar fight in Snohomish left five guys bloodied

SNOHOMISH — The fight that started after someone spoke with a woman who has a boyfriend included a broken bottle over the head.

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A new fungal threat to bats may have implications for agriculture

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A disease that's decimating bat populations could have serious consequences for local agriculture

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East Monroe rezone case heard in appeals court

MONROE — The East Monroe rezone battle took another step in late September.

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The little-known industrialist who made roots in Snohomish

SNOHOMISH — Carl Lane Clemans is virtually unknown around here, but he helped shape Snohomish County in a large way.

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Trekking the woods to offer help

MONROE — Two or three times a week, an outreach team with a socal worker is meeting with homeless people they encounter camping. They don’t write tickets unless it’s the person’s final warning, and they don’t make arrests unless there’s a threat to safety or a person has a felony warrant out for their arrest. They simply hike out into the wooded areas where city parks employees have found camps, and they come to talk.

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Each field goal means thousands for cancer research

SNOHOMISH — A boy at Centennial Middle School is using his football field goal kicking talent to raise money for breast cancer research. Last year his kicks raised $2,000 for the cause.

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City may decrease wastewater utility rates in 2018

SNOHOMISH — It’s still a ‘maybe’ until city staff can put together the final analysis for City Council approval, but in-city residents could see their wastewater bill rates reduced in 2018. The reason lies in a success story involving bacteria.

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Snohomish making plan to retain businesses

SNOHOMISH — One step toward retaining businesses is to keep in contact with shop owners, and the city is looking at having UW interns help with this legwork.

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Going for a record

Trevor Laib, 10, of Woodinville helps in setting a record in connecting over pieces of Brackitz at the Imagine Children’s Museum on Saturday, Sept. 30. Museum visitors along with museum staff and volunteers from the Everett Community College’s engineering program connected 10,873 pieces in a four-hour period to beat a competitive record of 5,000 pieces set by the children’s museum in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Profiles of People: Pastor Darrell Goodwin - “Inclusivity”

Darrell Goodwin, the new pastor at the United Church of Christ, exemplifies a person who, even though he’s a young man, has dedicated himself to living a life that includes all people, writes columnist Patricia Therrell.

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Fire District 7 to have new station at Fales Road operational by 2018

SNOHOMISH — A new fire station now under construction on Fales Road will put service closer to the residents in Echo Lake. Ground broke on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

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News Bites for September 20

Upcoming candidate forums, paving work on First Street.

Park Place Middle is new, decked in blue, and state-of-the-art

MONROE — An open house was held Tuesday, Sept. 5 with parents and kids largely giving wide acclaim for the new school. Teachers are smitten with the new tech. Many classrooms have 75-inch touchscreens that have a Microsoft Surface computer built in to provide interactive learning.

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