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Wranglin’ up rodeo bikes at Bike Bash

Axle Skinner, 3, of Mill Creek, maneuvers his bike through a field of half-cut tennis balls that represent rocks as he runs through the bike rodeo event during the third annual Snohomish County Bike Bash at Willis Tucker Park on Saturday, June 24. Sponsored by Community Transit, Snohomish County Parks and Recreation and The Bridge City Church, the event featured the safety and skills-oriented bike rodeo, along with other bicycle oriented events. Snohomish County Fire District 7, was also on hand providing low cost bike helmets and fittings.

Candidates running for Snohomish mayor have ideas for city

SNOHOMISH — Four candidates — Derrick Burke, Karen Guzak, John
T. Kartak, and Elizabeth Larsen — are running for the executive strong mayor position and after the Aug. 1 Primary, two will remain. These are the candidates' thoughts on a few questions.

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Learning English with enthusiastic pen pals

SNOHOMISH — Kids spent the school year writing to pen pals around Snohomish as part of their way of being conversant in English. Last week, their pen pals came for a visit.

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Monroe looking to extend intercity trails

MONROE — Mayor Geoffrey Thomas has convened a group to look at extending trails from Monroe to Snohomish and Monroe to Duvall, and this is the scope of how it might be accomplished.

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Hike of the Month: Barlow Pass

SNOHOMISH — It’s been more than two years since Harvey Field hosted a public update on its airport master plan, so it came as no surprise when 65 people showed up at an open house last week with what seemed like over two years’ worth of questions, comments and frustrations.

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Time is short for City Council ballot measure

EVERETT — A group working to reshape Everett’s City Council by geography has two weeks left to turn in the 8,100 signatures needed for their resolution to get a place on this November’s ballot.

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Gang presence growing, detectives say

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Law enforcers are looking to step up their presence within the community to keep innocent bystanders safe as gang violence is becoming more visible. 
It’ll take a larger effort. 
The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and Snohomish Regional Drug & Gang Task Force are tracking an increasing number of gang-related incidents countywide.

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Profiles of People: "Sisters"

sisters indexMany siblings lose contact with each other and create their own lives after maturing. Some stay connected through family gatherings, but distance, marriage and children can separate siblings. I don’t think that will happen with Elena and Bianca Bahr.

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How a cell tower may have led to a city government restructure

SNOHOMISH —A deed restriction that had been removed by the city via request through county council action in early 2015, which dictated land be used “for playground purposes only,” will likely not be reinstated on its original land parcels since the City Council is thinking about a partial rezone of the land in question. The act stirred public outcry.

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It's Farmers Market season across the area

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A guide on the area's farmers markets shows that you never know who you'll meet at a farmers market.

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Deed restrictions, Averill Field and what you should know

SNOHOMISH — At its June 6 meeting, the City Council will be discussing deed restrictions pertaining to the new state law prompted in part by the city’s actions a few years ago to remove a 93-year-old deed restriction on municipal-owned land.

To give readers the lay of the land, this is a guide to explain how the topic unfurled and where things are going.

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