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GroundFrog Day 2017 is Saturday, Jan. 28

SNOHOMISH — Will he croak? The world will find out at the 12th annual GroundFrog Day, where Snohomish Slew will give his famous “Frognostication” on Saturday, Jan. 28.

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“The Frog Lady” got her nickname by no coincidence

EDMONDS — Thayer Cueter has always loved frogs, and toads, too.
How she became involved in GroundFrog Day and Kla Ha Ya Days, though, came from her love of amphibians.

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Everett sues pharma co. that makes OxyContin over opioid troubles

EVERETT — In a bold move, Everett is suing OxyContin’s maker with a negligence case that says the city is due damages because the drugmaker’s acts inflamed an opioid crisis that the city was left to combat.

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Second Street congestion a focal point, lower speed limits discussed

SNOHOMISH — The city is angling for a $300,000 grant for a complete study and redesign of Second Street. Meanwhile, the city is also considering reducing the speed limit permanently from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour in specific areas in town to reduce traffic-related incidents and increase safety for walkability.

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"If we all do a little, we can do a lot"

SNOHOMISH — Two local business owners, Debi Bock and Shelly Rollins, are still collecting items to donate to the area homeless population in and around Snohomish because at the end of the day, they said it’s about empathy and treating others as you would want to be treated.

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Hike of the Month: North Creek Park near Mill Creek

Situated in southern Snohomish County surrounded by a sea of urban development, North Creek Park is an island of natural beauty. But this sprawling wetland offers more than just a place for nearby city folk to get a taste of nature.

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New plan for Everett lessens proposed rate increases

EVERETT — City sewer and water rates will be increasing for residents, but not to the extent previously discussed. The City Council will decide on taking the new slate of rates at its Wednesday, Feb. 1 meeting.

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A lay of the land for marijuana siting rules

SNOHOMISH — A rundown on what's allowed and what's not.

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Snohomish marijuana shop looking at its options

SNOHOMISH — The state-licensed owners of a retail marijuana shop at Second Street and Avenue D would like to open the store, even as there’s a citywide marijuana ban the city will uphold. So, what happens next?

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Highway 9 fixes would be for the short term, opinions sought

CLEARVIEW — The state Department of Transportation is seeking public input on three proposals WSDOT is considering for quick-fix congestion relief on Highway 9.

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Lowell-Snohomish River Road cleanup work begins

EVERETT — There are two camps just outside Everett city limits, on the road that leads to Snohomish, that have been the focal points for a division in the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office’s the last several months.

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Profiles of People: Meet Bob Heirman

Love him or find him emboldened, 84-year-old Bob Heirman, of Snohomish, is honed with opinions and actions that have been around since Hoover which are still relevant.

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Everett’s embedded social workers have a tough job

EVERETT — The response to last Tuesday’s public meet-and-greet with the Everett Police Department’s two embedded social workers was unanimously positive, but emphasized the message that there’s more work to be done on tackling homelessness.

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Snohomish ramping up Carnegie Building remodel

SNOHOMISH— The final 2017 ‘to-do’ list for the restoration of the Carnegie Building, located at 105 Cedar Ave., to make it the permanent site of future civic meetings and community events went before the City Council last week.

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