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Candlelit river walk marks solstice

With more than 500 candlelit paper bags lining it, the Snohomish Riverfront Trail became a popular place for a sunset stroll on Wednesday, Dec. 21 during the 11th annual Winter Solstice walk. Unlike past years when the weather was a little wet, this year’s walk was rain-free, which may have contributed to the large number of people walking the trail.
The event has become popular over the years as people carry decorative lanterns
and holiday songs can be heard by the groups of carolers that participate. The four-hour annual event begins just before sunset as volunteers begin setting out the candles several hours prior.

Sue Sullivan, Snohomish volunteer who served many, passes

SNOHOMISH —Sue Sullivan, who gave her heart to the community, has died.
She was 66 when she passed Wednesday, Dec. 21.
Sullivan was known to be at every Snohomish community event doing something.
A full story is being planned for next week’s Tribune.

A community celebration of life is being planned for sometime in the next couple of months with details to be announced.  

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taxiThe only safe option is not to drink alcohol if you plan to drive. If you are intending to drink remove the question of driving from the equation. It’s not worth the risk,

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Marijuana retailers looking at Monroe, Snohomish

MONROE — A marijauna retailer explains why he is trying to open shop in Monroe, even though the city has an established ban. The same strategy may be playing out in Snohomish.

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“Everett Sounds” album a sampler of city’s beats

EVERETT — A recently released sampler CD gives a taste of the freshest songs coming from Everett’s music scene as part of a larger goal to put the City of Smokestacks on the cultural map.

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Former Mayor Donnetta Walser, who also led on U.S. 2 efforts, dies

MONROE — Former Mayor Donnetta Walser died late last week. A memorial celebration is being planned for April 1.

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News bites: Input sought for Snohomish park names, questions at PDC

SNOHOMISH — The city’s Parks Naming Committee is requesting help from the public in naming many parks.

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Snohomish mayoral election date shifts to November

SNOHOMISH — The 2017 strong mayor election dates are slated for the August Primary and November Election Day. Council approved these dates in a 5-1 vote, with Councilwoman Lynn Schilaty dissenting.

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Councilman resigns after residency questioned

The City Council now has an unexpected vacancy open after Councilman Zach Wilde stepped away after questions whether he lives in Lake Stevens or Snohomish cropped up.
The City Council will start the process for filling Wilde’s council seat at its next regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, Jan. 3. That meeting will be held in the Carnegie Building, 110 Cedar Ave., and start at 7 p.m.
In recent history, the council used an appointment
process to fill vacancies.

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Snohomish utility rates for 2017 amended

SNOHOMISH — Sewer rates for residents who use a lot of water will go up, but by not nearly as high as what the rates were proposed earlier.

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Sullivan exploring Everett mayor bid

EVERETT — County Councilman Brian Sullivan last week launched an exploratory effort to make a bid to be Everett’s mayor. He may face a challenger with incumbent Mayor Ray Stephanson.

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Profile of People: “The Apryl Christmas Spirit”

Apryl Roberts' adventures led to her dreams come true, except for the unrelenting stress of cancer. But she's not a quitter.

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Community dinner allows for making connections

MONROE — The weekly dinner organized by Take the Next Step on Tuesday nights kindles new connections. The dinner is at 6 p.m. Tuesdays at 202 S. Sams Street and is largely geared for low-income and homeless individuals.

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Baker Heights residents worried about their future

EVERETT — Residents of the Baker Heights 224-unit housing project were informed by the Everett Housing Authority (EHA) this August that everyone should plan on being moved out by December 2018.
The deadline appears to be shifting, but the people who live here have grown anxious.

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