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Elections 2016

Results as of count released at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 22

Snohomish Prop 2: Government Snohomish Prop 1: Fireworks ban
Yes            50.16% - 2,198  votes Yes            46%       
No            49.84% - 2,184 votes  No              54%       
Number of ballots counted to date across county: 355,562 -- Approximately 77.89% voter turnout

Taking back the Morgantown neighborhood

Bob McGowan (left) points out something unusual as he and Larry Baty (center) and Rhoda Baty walk through the Morgantown neighborhood last Saturday morning.

SNOHOMISH — Neighbors in the Morgantown Neighborhood in northeast Snohomish ave created a watch program considered a model for other communities. More on this story...

Prop. 2: Snohomish strong mayor measure passing by slim gap

SNOHOMISH — A 14-vote gap separates the “yes” and “no” sides of the measure that, if approved, would shape who's in charge of City Hall.

County asked to loosen development restrictions on Sea-Sno Mill site

SNOHOMISH — The council unanimously greenlit sending the county a letter supporting the former Seattle-Snohomish Mill site owner’s push to lift off the land’s development restrictions.If approved to the fullest, it could turn the site across the river into a fuel or coal yard, hazardous waste storage and treatment, marijuana production and processing or a myriad of other uses. Right now, the acreage can be developed into just another sawmill or turned into forest land.

More on this story...

STD rates on the rise sharply in Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Year-to-date, the rates of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia cases in Snohomish County are way up.

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Downtown businesses looking elsewhere after rent hikes

EVERETT — Established downtown businesses Cafe Zippy, the Port Gardner Bay Winery and an engineering office are all looking elsewhere after their monthly space rent in the building went up more than 20 percent unexpectedly.
The building they are in at 2801 Wetmore goes the length of the block along California and includes a parking garage. It was previously owned by the collapsed Trinity Lutheran College.

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Many sheriff’s office programs spared in 2017 county budget

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office will have some of its most effective programs, once vulnerable to cuts, preserved in the final version of the 2017 county budget.

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Kamiak teen a taekwondo powerhouse

MUKILTEO — Bilal Hasan, a 10th grader at Kamiak High School, recently competed to be the junior world Taekwondo champion for his weight class.

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Profiles of People: Daniel Westbrook's "Yukonality"

Daniel Westbrook of Snohomish grew up in the Yukon, and has a unique story that is underpinned by the principles that guide this builder and refinisher's way of life.

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City legal costs are up, but reasons why lay in unexpected places
A Tribune investigation

SNOHOMISH — Each month, the legal bills pile higher for the city of Snohomish.

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Racing toward the top: Local racer, 13, competes in U.S. and Canada

SNOHOMISH — Local teen Ellie Musgrave races with a sincere amount of determination to become a professional race car driver. Never boastful, she is well on her way to accomplishing her goal, and appears to benot afraid of adversity

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Neighbors pitch in for goodwill event

EVERETT — Volunteers spent much of the day on Saturday, Nov. 5 in the rain and wind to clean up the yard of a 91-year-old neighbor in south Everett.

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Public crime map tool online again

EVERETT — The ability to track crime incidents online is back up and running.
The new website is and it went live locally in late October for many communities.

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