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‘Pop-up’ regional food banks
bring food closer to people

Pop-up food bank volunteers Jean Liebetrau of Snohomish (left) and Ruth Heitman of Mill Creek arrange canned goods at the Advent Lutheran Church in Mill Creek on Thursday, Oct. 20.

EVERETT — Each week, volunteer-run “pop-up” food banks in parts of Snohomish County bring donated food closer to the people and families who would otherwise have to travel further, or remain hungry. More on this story...


If parents, trick-or-treaters and motorists take every possible safety precaution, the tragedy of an accident can be avoided.

Snohomish finance director exits

SNOHOMISH — The city's finance director found new pastures, and the city appears that it isn't intending to fill the position until after Proposition 2's ballots are counted.

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Snohomish lowers sewer bill rate in changes

SNOHOMISH — Starting in January, water rates go up, storm water rates go up, but sewer rates will go down.

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Focus on Farming conference talks ag on Nov. 3

MONROE — Prepare to learn plenty about the agricultural business at the annual Focus on Farming conference to be held Thursday, Nov. 3 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds.

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Explaining the two Snohomish city ballot measures

SNOHOMISH — Voters will be deciding on two measures in the city: Whether or not to ban fireworks in town and whether to change to a different form of government.This is what you're voting on.

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Gang rivalry behind recent Everett shootings

EVERETT — The Police Department is rebuilding its anti-gang unit to be bigger and smarter, at a time when a gang rivalry has spilled onto Casino Road.Three recent shootings in the area are blamed on a gang rivalry, however there has been some progress in clamping down on activity.

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Hope exists for domestic violence victims

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A look at the challenges and resources available on domestic violence, an issue that is more widespread than acknowledged.


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Snohomish Brewfest to delight beer fans Oct. 28, 29

SNOHOMISH — The city’s annual celebration of craft brewers will be Oct. 28 and 29, now with the added challenge of beer pong.

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County health officer to order hospitals to report overdoses

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Snohomish County's health officer plans to issue a requirement that hospitals report opioid overdoses to the Health District in a two-pronged effort to collect data but also help encourage treatment.

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Sheriff lays out program cuts that reverse progress

SNOHOMISH COUNTY—  Sheriff Ty Trenary last week spoke with the County Council about the anticipated ripple effects of a$2.4 million cut to the sheriff's office in Executive Dave Somers' trimmed-down budget, some of which include eliminating its Office of Neighborhoods that works with the homeless population and reducing the number of deputies devoted to the successful Snohomish County Violent Offender Task Force that partners with the U.S. Marshals Service.

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Pressing apples into cider

Gillian Jelenek, 8, of Monroe uses muscle power to turn a cider press at the Western Heritage Center in Monroe on Saturday, Oct. 15. Jelenek was one of many center visitors who lent a hand to assist the center’s volunteers in demonstrating the art of cider making during the second annual Apple Cider Pressing Day. Volunteers spent the day slicing, grinding and crushing apples and pears donated by Zanol Orchards in Orondo to make the cider. The event is a fundraiser for the museum located on the east end of the Evergreen Fairgrounds and open to the public Wednesdays through Sundays.


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