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Showing Panther Pride

Decked out in the school’s colors of red, white and black, students and staff at Snohomish High School participate in the annual Homecoming Serpentine through Snohomish on Friday, Oct. 7. The event has been a tradition for several generations as the students parade through
downtown Snohomish on Friday of homecoming week, while SHS alumni and young potential future Panthers line the streets to cheer them on.

County health officer to order hospitals to report overdoses

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Snohomish County's health officer plans to issue a requirement that hospitals report opioid overdoses to the Health District in a two-pronged effort to collect data but also help encourage treatment.

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Many questions at meeting on homeless housing plan

EVERETT — A community outreach meeting on the 70-unit low income housing complex planned in central Everett drew both opposition and support from the property’s neighboring residents last week.

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Sheriff lays out program cuts that reverse progress

SNOHOMISH COUNTY—  Sheriff Ty Trenary last week spoke with the County Council about the anticipated ripple effects of a$2.4 million cut to the sheriff's office in Executive Dave Somers' trimmed-down budget, some of which include eliminating its Office of Neighborhoods that works with the homeless population and reducing the number of deputies devoted to the successful Snohomish County Violent Offender Task Force that partners with the U.S. Marshals Service.

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Oktoberfest Bingo, Brauts and Beer is Oct. 21

MONROE —  This year the East County Senior Center will be celebrating the brisk thrill of fall with its inaugural Oktoberfest Bingo, Brauts and Beer celebration this Friday, Oct. 21 starting at 5 p.m. The evening’s bill includes a hoard of German food and spirits, bingo games, cash prizes and fun.

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First Street has cleaned up its nightlife

SNOHOMISH —  A lot has improved in a year with nightlife on First Street, according to law enforcement officials.

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The two sides of Snohomish's Proposition 2

SNOHOMISH —  Proposition No. 2, appearing on Nov. 8 ballots to ask voters to change the city’s form of government from Council-City Manager to Council-Strong Mayor, has two sides to it.

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One man's garden helps feed Maltby

SNOHOMISH — In an informal but most welcome gift that spanned the summer, Clearview resident Paul Jury brought a bounty from his personal garden to the Maltby Food Bank each week.

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Changes would reduce Monroe garbage rates

MONROE —  Under a proposed new trash service contract it would reduce garbage rates by 1 percent across the board, which will save residents a few cents.

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For the love of wildlife

SNOHOMISH —  Shirley Shumway's operation on Fobes Hill has helped hundreds of animals, and people, too.

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County planners preparing new park by Maltby that would convert Carousel Ranch horse farm acreage

MALTBY —  A new, large park will sprout off of Highway 9 in the next two years.The acreage it would sit on has a longstanding history. While park planners set up how the park will look, the county parks department wants your input.

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Metro Plan will help shape downtown Everett and beyond

EVERETT — The city’s Metro Everett plan to shape the city core into a more walkable, livable area is coming along smoothly, although with ambitious goals to manage expected population growt
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Report: Health District needs to look inward first to survive

EVERETT — The Snohomish Health District should do some soul searching first to get on solid footing for its future, an important report on its situation summarizes.

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