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Learning life skills

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McKenna Boonsripisal, 8 (center) is chased by Ashlyn Hammons, 8, as Boonsripisal takes the ball down field. The two were participating in this year’s annual Casino Road Fútbol Academy camp on Thursday, June 30 at Walter E. Hall Park in Everett. The week-long camp hosted by the Everett Police Department is in its ninth year as 300 kids and more than 50 volunteers participated this year. Besides soccer skills, the campers are also taught how to make the right choices in life and to help in their community through interactive lessons taught by Everett Police officers.

Project Homeless Connect on July 14 helps people in need

SNOHOMISH COUNTY— On Thursday, July 14, low-income people can get help in many different ways at one site.
Project Homeless Connect, which will be held 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Everett High School, 2416 Colby Ave. in Everett, offers free health checkups, more than 75 service organizations providing help with housing, medical needs, free haircuts and free animal care. A free lunch will be served at the event.

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Pot shop application in town stirs interest

SNOHOMISH — Local residents are wondering why an application notice for a recreational marijuana retail business is posted on a window of the building that also houses the 76 gas station at Second Street and Avenue D.
The city still has a ban or moratorium that prevents recreational marijuana businesses within city limits.

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Everett to buy land adjacent to transit center for $4 million

EVERETT — The city plans to spend $4 million to acquire 4.7 acres of land immediately south of Everett Station that in long range plans could someday become a parking lot.
A purchase-and-sale agreement was signed last week for the former Smith Street sawmill. Assessor records show the parcels are worth about $2 million.

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Recall statement filed against Mayor Guzak

SNOHOMISH — A formal attempt to recall Mayor Karen Guzak was initiated late last week.
The recall letter was filed with the Snohomish County Auditor’s Office on Thursday, June 23, almost eight months after Guzak’s third term election victory in November. 
The recall process has multiple procedural steps, including an overview by the county prosecuting office, and if it passes muster then the recall effort must fill a petition with at least a little over 700 signatures by Aug. 2 to force a public vote on the recall this fall.

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Senior centers stymied by United Way grant cut

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A change in grant funding focus at the local United Way is leaving area senior centers feeling left out.
In 2013, five regional senior centers were collectively given $150,000 from the United Way, spread over three years. Next year, it will be none. 

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Reshaping Everett council to be discussed

EVERETT — Voters will be asked to make small changes in city government on this fall’s ballot, but a much larger change — restructuring City Council elections — still may see a revival.
A discussion that will include restructuring City Council elections is scheduled for July 13 in a council subcommittee, but it’s too early to say that a council restructure would be tacked on to the upcoming ballot measure.

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Parks naming committee starts its work

SNOHOMISH — The approach to park names was brainstormed at last week’s ad hoc Parks Naming Committee meeting. 
The committee is looking at finding names for city land set aside to become future parks and also historically known named sites. The committee also will develop an official city park naming policy.

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City plans to renew Police Department contract with sheriff's office

SNOHOMISH — Talks of renewing the city’s contract with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office for police services through 2021 began last month.

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Machias Food Truck Marketplace soon on the move

SNOHOMISH — The Machias Food Truck Marketplace is hopping with activities and quick food at its location along South Machias Road.
The food truck market may be moving down the road in the coming weeks to the county-owned Centennial Trail trailhead parking lot on S. Machias Road just north of the fire district training facility. The move is anticipated to happen at the end of July or beginning of August.

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In Clearview, medical marijuana zoned out, leaving shops stuck amid July 1 law change

SNOHOMISH — In the Clearview community, the sight up and down Highway 9 of green crosses — denoting a medical marijuana dispensary —  had residents seeing red.
On July 1, by state law, those medical marijuana dispensaries are going to be swept away. 
Most of the former dispensaries have already shuttered.

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Transgender student policy passes at Snohomish school board

SNOHOMISH — The Snohomish School Board approved a new policy relating to transgender students at a meeting that drew dozens of people last week. The policy allows transgender or transitioning students attending Snohomish Schools to use the bathroom or locker room
with the gender they identify with and also addresses policies like the student records, confidentiality and dress codes. The new policy is viewed as an “add on” to the school district’s existing anti-discrimination policy.

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Snohomish plans to pipe all its water from Everett

SNOHOMISH — Council voted unanimously to go “all Everett” for the city’s water supply to save the city and resident ratepayers money. 
The change means the city’s water plant will eventually be shut down and Everett will supply all of the city’s water. 

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Japanese Gulch plan approved; trail leash law still to be decided

MUKILTEO — The Japanese Gulch Master Plan received unanimous City Council approval on Monday, June 20. Though the $4.8 million plan is now set in motion, some concerns still linger with the public, including a dog leash policy that was left undecided. No new leash code was put into the trail use rulebook.
The pause on a leash law was in response to equally divided, and equally passionate, public opinion. 

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“Greedy fishermen” may halt kids fishing derby

SNOHOMISH — Annual abuse from fishermen taking advantage of trout planting before the kids fishing derby on Blackmans Lake could spell the end to the family-friendly event.
The culprits are adults, and they’ve become sneaky while likely robbing children of potential prime catches.

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