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State trying to fix Trooper shortage

Doug Ramsay photo,

Washington State Patrol Trooper Heather Axtman talks to a motorist that she pulled over for a driving infraction on Highway 525 south of Mukilteo during the evening rush hour drive on Friday April 15.

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — The Washington State Patrol is short on troopers across the state.
From career retirements on the rise to higher pay elsewhere drawing troopers away, the shortage for District 7, which comprises Snohomish, Skagit, San Juan and Whatcom counties, amounts to a local trooper count that’s almost 20 percent undersized for what is budgeted for the district.. More...

Church warns council of legal action in East Monroe rezone vote

MONROE — On April 19, a state board threw out Heritage Baptist Fellowship Church’s motion to delay ordering that the city is out of compliance. The board wrote that it agrees the city might act to kill the rezone application, but the board has no authority to insist this waits for the court appeal to reach a decision.
Meanwhile, the City Council’s anticipated vote last week to kill the rezone application appears to have been squelched by a legal threat from landowners Heritage Baptist.
The Tribune confirmed after press time that attorneys for Heritage Baptist wrote a letter to each council member stating essentially that if council voted to kill the application it would subject the city to legal action.

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School district plans to revise transgender student policy

SNOHOMISH — The Snohomish School District is working toward writing a new anti-discrimination policy that speaks directly for students who identify as transgender or in transition. The policy changes relate to bathroom access, student gender identities in school records and many other aspects.
A policy review meeting was held last week. The school board is anticipated to discuss the policies later this spring.

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Hal Moe Pool site plan may reflect city heritage

SNOHOMISH — The Hal Moe Pool site redevelopment committee is continuing its research to help shape its destiny.

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Crime safety tips for neighborhoods discussed

EVERETT — A wide range of law enforcement and city speakers came together last week at the Everett Perform-ing Arts Center for a two-hour safety education event that drew 158 people.

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Profiles of People: Diane Lebow, the entrepreneur

Diane Lebow is the long time owner of Beat Street in Snohomish.
Entrepreneurs are lucky because they get to name the business he or she creates.

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Monroe to sell parcel at North Kelsey

MONROE — The city inked a deal to put a sale in motion for land at the corner of Tjerne Place and Chain Lake Road last week. The 1.2 acre parcel is one of two empty properties that sit just southeast of the Lowe’s parking lot.

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Doc's Pilchuck Tavern hits 60 years

Doug Ramsay photo,

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Doc’s Pilchuck Tavern in Machias put on an all-day party as longtime patrons and plenty of newcomers came to celebrate with owner Audrey Young on Saturday, April 16. The Snohomish Sauerkraut band that performs regularly at Doc’s helped with the celebration with plenty of music. Above, band members Mindy Perrigoue of Machias (left) and Penny Clementson of Snohomish sing as the band performs. Wedged between the Pilchuck River and South Machias Road, the tavern has held the annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge, led by Jimmy Young for years, in the river and has been a popular meeting spot for folks from Snohomish to Granite Falls. The bar’s first owner was Al “Doc” Young.

Staying fit for life

SNOHOMISH — Karin Jones, 74, has been grooving in her 9 a.m. Monday-Wednesday-Friday “Retro Cardio” class at the Snohomish Fitness Center since February 1986, and she has no plans to stop.

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Port of Everett progressing on waterfront development

EVERETT — The Port of Everett will have plenty of moving and shaking planned for this summer.
The port is seeking bids for a waterfront business-class hotel, and is readying to build a new park, among other things.

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Volunteer effort is keeping care of Interurban Trail, once a drug haven

SNOHOMISH — A clean up March 19 along the Interurban Trail put a spotlight on the troubled area. Now, a group is making regular rounds to keep it tidy.
On March 19, more than one ton of trash was hauled out. Midnight Cry Church of Snohomish helped spearhead the cleanup effort.

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Snohomish looking for help naming parks

SNOHOMISH — The City Council decided last week to put out applications for the city’s new Park Naming Committee since Snohomish is planning to develop many recently acquired properties. 
The volunteer ad hoc extension of the city will meet every two weeks this summer.

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The life he wants to save is his own: Firefighter battling insurers

SNOHOMISH — He's saved countless others, but Snohomish Fire Distrct 4 firefighter-paramedic Dave Alberts, 57, is now perhaps in the largest fight of his life yet as he is trying new tested therapies to zap his cancer that his insurer currently won't pay for.

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