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In this trailer, homeless people
receive showers

Doug Ramsay photo,

EVERETT — On a chilly Wednesday evening in downtown Everett, Snohomish resident Frank Fargo pulls his truck in to the alley behind First Presbyterian Church on Rockefeller Avenue. A group of people await him, grateful for his weekly arrival. More...

New superintendent interviews will be held this week

SNOHOMISH — Late Friday, March 5, the Snohomish School board reportedly narrowed down the superintendent applicants to five and the board is planning to interview each of the candidates before the public this week.
The meetings will be Wednesday, March 9 and Thursday, March 10 at 5 p.m. in the school district resource center, 1601 Avenue D.

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Five-store limit on marijuana stores proposed in Everett

EVERETT —The interest in capping Everett’s number of marijuana stores at five had concurrence by most of the city’s planning commissioners last week.
Everett leaders are grappl-ing with the possibility of up to 10 shops as the state wants to license more stores in many cities.

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Fireworks ban to go to ballot this fall

SNOHOMISH —The city will send a decision on whether or not to ban fireworks to the ballot this November.
In the meantime, the City Council voted unanimously last week to restrict firework discharges to only July 4, bringing the city in line with rules used in unincorporated Snohomish County. The new limitation starts March 2017.

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Troubled Waits Motel cleaned up its act

EVERETT — The Waits Motel in north Everett on Lombard Avenue has gone from a high of 269 police calls in 2010 to a low of 92 in 2015.
The Waits once was the bane of north Everett motels — a place where people pointed fingers at as a community nuisance. Things appear to have turned around.

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Snohomish Pie Co.'s Jenny Brien is no simple Simon

SNOHOMISH — Jenny Brien and her crew from The Snohomish Pie Co. had the mettle last year to win big on national television.

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Snohomish tightens cell phone tower code,
keeps towers out of parks

SNOHOMISH — The City Council voted last week to approve stricter rules to the city cell phone tower code that, among other things, will prohibit towers from being erected in public parks.
The vote to tighten the rulebook was unanimous with all seven members.
The council last week also shot down having the city hire a radio frequency engineer

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Next Konicke trial event March 24

SNOHOMISH — Still wheelchair-bound and slumping in his black-and-white striped jail suit, Zach Konicke, 29, appeared for his March 4 omnibus hearing where his public defense attorney, Robert O’Neal, motioned for a continuance set for March 24.

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State House, Senate propose funds for SR 522

Determination on $1 million funding request expected Friday, March 11

SR-522 was given some love in both the House and the Senate’s supplemental transportation budgets for additional funding to get the ball rolling for future widening.
In the House’s proposal, $1 million from federal appropriation solely for the sketch program — with priority given to the state Route 522 corridor between Maltby and the Snohomish River bridge — is proposed.

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Mayor Ray Stephanson talks jobs, housing

EVERETT — Everett’s mayor Ray Stephanson conveyed a simple message for various city topics: What floats a city is good neighbors, good jobs, good planning, and heart.

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Six arrested in county child sex sting operation, two men local

EVERETT — Six men were arrested for attempted rape of a child and commercial sexual abuse of a minor in a multi-agency sting investigation that culminated in Lynnwood. Two of the men were from Everett.

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An open letter to Everett Salvation Army

EVERETT — Hats off to the great work the Everett Salvation Army has done for the poor and under resourced in Everett. No one will be surprised that the Salvation Army outreach meals in Everett may close. They did well to keep it open under such city administration pressure. It was just a matter of time.

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Konicke neighbors: ‘Stay away and let us grieve’

SNOHOMISH — Longtime neighbors of the Konicke family’s home located on a private drive off Dubuque Road have a simple message for strangers that keep intruding: “Stay away from our private road and let us grieve.”

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PUD chastised over high bills

EVERETT — Angered residents who received sticker shock from their power bills this winter demanded the Public Utility District (PUD) fix its system at a public meeting last week.

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Reptile Man and critters wow students

Doug Ramsay photo,

Forest View Elementary School third grader Chloe Haworth, 9, gently pets Sponge Bob Scale Pants, a 30-year-old African desert tortoise. Forest View students along with their parents were treated to a visit by zoologist Scott Petersen, “The Reptile Man” on Wednesday, Feb. 24. The evening event was part of science day at the school. Petersen brought a number of his reptile friends including a few snakes, turtles, lizards and an alligator from his Monroe based reptile zoo.


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