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GroundFrog Day sure to delight on Saturday, Jan. 30

SNOHOMISH — Snohomish Slew’s annual “frognostication” to the community on GroundFrog Day awaits Saturday, Jan. 30.
Whether or not Slew croaks will predict how much longer winter will last or if spring will prevail. If he croaks, it presages a quickened arrival of spring.

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Friends try to cope after shock incident

Doug Ramsay photo,

Snohomish Fire District 4 lieutenant Whitney Mansfield watches extinguishment operations by fellow firefighters as one of the family’s golden retrievers sits patiently next to him during the Jan. 14 fire at the Konicke household.

SNOHOMISH — On Wednesday, three felony charges were filed in Snohomish County District Court in Everett against Zach Konicke, 29, for the murder of his mother, Vicki Konicke, the assault of his father, Mike Konicke, and for the arson of his parents’ home off of Dubuque Road the night of Thursday, Jan. 14. 
He is being held on a $1 million bail. More on this story...

Everett to temporarily halt five more marijuana shops on its horizon

EVERETT — The city wants to limit any more retail marijuana shops from opening as the state wants to double the number allowed in Everett.
The City Council will take a vote at its Wednesday, Jan. 27 day meeting, to be held at 12:30 p.m. at 3002 Wetmore Ave. Public comment will be accepted before the vote.

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After apartment fire, troubles and hardship persist for displaced residents

EVERETT — The community along Casino Road has stepped up to assisted the 100-plus people who lost their homes to the New Year's Eve fire at The Bluffs Apartments on Casino Road, but many are still facing difficulties.

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Public safety commission says speak up on crime

SNOHOMISH — The city’s public safety commission, an advisory group, intends to make a larger presence on city matters this year.
The commission also wants more public input for its conversations through its Facebook page called Public Safety Commission Snohomish, and asks people to comment with issues the commission could bring to the city.

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State board to decide soon on East Monroe rezone

MONROE — A state board is considering whether the controversial East Monroe rezone, which a majority of City Council members approved in December, can move forward.

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Ex-police Sgt. Carlos Martinez sentenced for taping girl

MONROE — Carlos Martinez, 61, a former sergeant with the Monroe Police Department, was sentenced last Thursday to 14 months in prison for possessing inappropriate photos of a former Monroe School District student. But he won't be in jail quite yet.

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Petition for changing Snohomish mayor role active

SNOHOMISH — A petition is now being spread to change Snohomish government from a “weak mayor” to “strong mayor” and ousting the city manager position.
Mayor Karen Guzak thinks it’s a bad idea. She says city manager Larry Bauman is doing an effective job.
Resident Bill Betten is spearheading the petition effort. He believes the head of City Hall should be accountable to residents.
Now, a petition is being spread.

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Lost on the streets, a tragedy plays out

EVERETT — As the public reels from recent news about how a 3-month-old baby girl from Everett died with methamphetamine in her bloodstream, a black eye, pneumonia, meningitis and multiple fractures, her mother, Jerrica Schreib, is receiving media attention for the second year in a row.

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One-third in county can’t make ends meet

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — In Snohomish County, and throughout the Pacific Northwest, the poor are indeed getting poorer and the population of the financially secure is shrinking, according to a new wide-ranging report released by the United Way.

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City seeks partners, state dollars for homeless housing plan

EVERETT — The city will seek partners for housing homeless people and also make a $2 million request to the Legislature, and already has a sponsor in Olympia.

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Response, help came quick after Everett apartment fire

EVERETT — People came to assist immediately when more than 100 people lost their homes in the three-alarm New Year’s Eve apartment fire at The Bluffs at Evergreen, and are continuing to help victimized families.

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Master plan for Japanese Gulch up for review

MUKILTEO — Once a town bustling with Japanese immigrants and Crown Lumber Mill workers, then next door to Boeing’s Everett hub post-World War II, Japanese Gulch, a 140-acre wooded greenspace area owned by the city of Mukilteo, is ready for the next phase in its life

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Restoring Snohomish land use deed restriction not on table right now

SNOHOMISH — Sources report that city officials said at a town hall-style meeting that the city is open to restoring the deed restriction on the block that includes the Boys & Girls Club and old Hal Moe Pool site, but there are no apparent immediate plans to restore the restriction. A group appears to be pushing the city to put back the 1922 restriction.

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Photo by Doug Ramsay /

Dairy ambassadors speak to kids

Snohomish County Dairy Ambassador Becca Bartelheimer of Snohomish reacts to young girls’ as the two talk about the healthy benefits of dairy food during the Imagine Children’s Museum’s “Jumping Jacks and Super Snacks Fun Day” on Saturday, Jan. 9. The daylong event featured activities to teach children proper fitness as well as healthy eating. Along with Bartelheimer, Snohomish County Dairy Ambassador Allyson Carothers of Monroe and Washington State Dairy Ambassador Nicole Buell of Marysville were on hand talking about the benefits of dairy foods and handing out cheese samples.


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