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Slide forces Maple Avenue closure
before Three Lakes Road, detour available

SNOHOMISH — Maple Avenue is now closed from 10th Street to Three Lakes Road and will be this weekend. Snohomish County has posted road closure and detour signs at Three Lakes Road and the city has road closure and detour signs at 10th Street (last road out of town). This section of Maple Avenue, which turns into Machias Road, will remain closed through the weekend, the city reports.

The slope failure occurred south of Three Lakes Road. The posted detour has drivers take 10th Street onto Orchard Avenue and up to Three Lakes Road.

One dead after son set fire to home,
community in shock

Greg Gilbert photo (Seattle Times press pool photo)

SNOHOMISH — A woman’s body was found among the ashes of a home Friday afternoon following a violent incident that has shaken the community. More on this story...

Petition for changing Snohomish mayor role active

SNOHOMISH — A petition is now being spread to change Snohomish government from a “weak mayor” to “strong mayor” and ousting the city manager position.
Mayor Karen Guzak thinks it’s a bad idea. She says city manager Larry Bauman is doing an effective job.
Resident Bill Betten is spearheading the petition effort. He believes the head of City Hall should be accountable to residents.
Now, a petition is being spread.

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GroundFrog Day sure to delight on Saturday, Jan. 30

SNOHOMISH — Snohomish Slew’s annual “frognostication” to the community on GroundFrog Day awaits Saturday, Jan. 30.
Whether or not Slew croaks will predict how much longer winter will last or if spring will prevail. If he croaks, it presages a quickened arrival of spring.

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Lost on the streets, a tragedy plays out

EVERETT — As the public reels from recent news about how a 3-month-old baby girl from Everett died with methamphetamine in her bloodstream, a black eye, pneumonia, meningitis and multiple fractures, her mother, Jerrica Schreib, is receiving media attention for the second year in a row.

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Teams make state semifinals in Lego robot competition

EVERETT — A group of kids from View Ridge Elementary tinkered and toyed with Lego robots for months.
Now, View Ridge and four other Everett schools are poised to compete in state semifinals on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 23 and 24 in Shoreline. View Ridge's Lego robot scoops up popcorn containers to be reused.

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One-third in county can’t make ends meet

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — In Snohomish County, and throughout the Pacific Northwest, the poor are indeed getting poorer and the population of the financially secure is shrinking, according to a new wide-ranging report released by the United Way.

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Kimberly-Clark Mill site readying for next phase

EVERETT — After more than 80 years as a pulp and paper mill and three as a pile of unwanted, contaminated rubble, the former Kimberly-Clark site is poised to complete a clear makeover. 

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City seeks partners, state dollars for homeless housing plan

EVERETT — The city will seek partners for housing homeless people and also make a $2 million request to the Legislature, and already has a sponsor in Olympia.

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Response, help came quick after Everett apartment fire

EVERETT — People came to assist immediately when more than 100 people lost their homes in the three-alarm New Year’s Eve apartment fire at The Bluffs at Evergreen, and are continuing to help victimized families.

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Maple Avenue improvements among 2016 plans for city

SNOHOMISH — Smoother roads and improved intersections are part of the purpose for a transportation benefit district.
More streets will be rebuilt this year, from a recent overview from city officials.
Maple Avenue between Second Street and Pine Avenue will get new pavement, for example.

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Master plan for Japanese Gulch up for review

MUKILTEO — Once a town bustling with Japanese immigrants and Crown Lumber Mill workers, then next door to Boeing’s Everett hub post-World War II, Japanese Gulch, a 140-acre wooded greenspace area owned by the city of Mukilteo, is ready for the next phase in its life

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Restoring Snohomish land use deed restriction not on table right now

SNOHOMISH — Sources report that city officials said at a town hall-style meeting that the city is open to restoring the deed restriction on the block that includes the Boys & Girls Club and old Hal Moe Pool site, but there are no apparent immediate plans to restore the restriction. A group appears to be pushing the city to put back the 1922 restriction

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Crime, trouble at Everett Mission an ongoing battle

EVERETT —The Everett Gospel Mission shelter is a dangerous place, according to an Everett man who said he went undercover to observe the operation.
Crime statistics paint the numbers to back up the man's claim, but there is more to the story. The Tribune looked into issues around the Mission.

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Photo by Doug Ramsay /

Dairy ambassadors speak to kids

Snohomish County Dairy Ambassador Becca Bartelheimer of Snohomish reacts to young girls’ as the two talk about the healthy benefits of dairy food during the Imagine Children’s Museum’s “Jumping Jacks and Super Snacks Fun Day” on Saturday, Jan. 9. The daylong event featured activities to teach children proper fitness as well as healthy eating. Along with Bartelheimer, Snohomish County Dairy Ambassador Allyson Carothers of Monroe and Washington State Dairy Ambassador Nicole Buell of Marysville were on hand talking about the benefits of dairy foods and handing out cheese samples.


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