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Snohomish Carnegie Building
City plan wastes utility rate money

To the Editor:
City of Snohomish administrators believe our local state legislators will be successful in gaining a $1.95 million grant to demolish the 1968 Annex and help refurbish the original 1910 Carnegie Building at 105 Cedar Ave. Their latest plan involves matching the state grant with $1.65 million of city real estate taxes and water/sewer utility ratepayers’ funds to continue the restoration project of the 1910 building. The plan now is to replace the 5,300 square foot annex with lawn grass and call it “Veteran’s Memorial Park.”
This project will now cost the taxpayers and utility ratepayers in 2018 alone $3.6 million. And we still don’t know the building’s purpose.
Just think what $3.6 million could really do for Snohomish area residents and businesses. It would allow the purchase of the former Waltz Mill site for a joint city/county regional park. Or, $3.6 million could replace outdated signal lights or add another roundabout.
Whatever happened to common sense priorities and frugality in our government leaders?

Judy Kirkland Betten


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