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Changing funding plan shortchanges civic project

To the Editor:
In the Dec. 6 Tribune letters to the editor, Bill Betten hints at derailing a longstanding, and funded, decision to restore the Carnegie Library Building to functionality.  He coyly uses not the name of the building, but its address:  105 Cedar Avenue.
His “solution,” to divert Carnegie project funding to temporarily lower water bills for Snohomish customers, is the equivalent of selling your grandfather’s heirloom gold pocket watch so you can buy Seahawks season tickets.  At the end of the season, the pocket watch is gone and you have memories of a (maybe/maybe not) great football season.  The watch will not be back.
Bill Betten knows that once the Carnegie funding is depleted it won’t be replaced either. That would put an end to restoring the Carnegie as a public meeting space and veterans park.
Mayors are known for their city improvements and projects, not their giveaways. This is not frugality in any sense of the word.  This is not civic-minded leadership.
Please let your mayor and councilmembers know.  

Jan Lengenfelder


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