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City governance
Change is good

To the Editor:
Regarding the front page article, “Future change in mayor role in city?” (Dec. 16 Snohomish County Tribune): Electing the Snohomish mayor by a direct vote of the citizens and eliminating the pricey city manager position is a good idea.
Snohomish voters should be allowed to vote on the issue this November. The cost to put the issue on the ballot then would be minimal, unlike the recent Metropolitan Parks District special primary ballot measure.
The mayor is selected by fellow council members, not the citizens, and is considered mainly a ceremonial position. Her vote on the council is no more important than any other council member’s vote.
I support the change because Snohomish is still a
really small town yet our current city government spends money foolishly. For example, at the December 15th city council meeting, the council authorized spending $28,000 to create an “ad hoc” committee (cherry-picked by the mayor and mayor pro-team) and a separate redundant “focus” group conducted by the city’s lobbyist, Strategies 360. Each cherry-picked focus group member will receive $150 to express his or her opinion on “citizen communications.” 
Focus groups, polls and surveys are not worth the extra money.
Spending $28,000 on committees and focus groups has the real purpose of justifying the status-quo in city government. In other words, more window-dressing and propaganda by city government to further their own pet agendas at the expense of the citizens.

Evangeline Loranc




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