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New Mayor Kartak
Criticism misdirected

To the Editor:
Regarding the Nov. 29th letter “Frugal? Then hire Bauman”: Blaming John Kartak for city taxpayers shelling out $112,015.35 to former City Manager Larry Bauman really takes brass!
The real blame for the payoff rests squarely on the shoulders of the council who knew full well early this year (after the passage of Proposition 2) that, by law, the city manager position is eliminated in November, 2017.
In September, 2017, the council asked a Seattle law firm to confirm city attorney Grant Weed’s opinion that Bauman is entitled to $112,015.35 in so-called severance pay. 
Yes, Mayor-elect John Kartak is frugal. Just give him six months in office to prove it. Some of the ideas being considered include taking a fresh look at all the city-owned properties at 105 Cedar Ave. and taking the savings to lower water, storm water, and wastewater utility rates.
Finally, with Bauman’s impressive resume and outstanding performance evaluations from the council, he should be able to land another job.

Bill Betten


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