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New Mayor Kartak
Frugal? Then hire Bauman

To the Editor:
When answering a question in the Nov. 22nd Tribune Q-and-A article with new strong mayor John Kartak, he says: “....I am very conscious of money, very frugal...”
Apparently not. The front page article of that same issue is: “City manager will receive $100k as farewell payoff.” And the article states this will come from the city’s day-to-day expenses. Our city manager was a former assistant city manager in Shoreline before he worked for Snohomish, So clearly he is qualified to sit interim for 9 months as our City Administrator until his contract is up.
But our ‘Frugal’ new Mayor Kartak chooses to hire someone else for this position and give Mr. Larry Bauman a 9-month paid vacation instead of holding him to his contract.
Meanwhile our city street Holly Vista Drive still has the 65-year-old original paving covered with uneven patches and another sink hole developing in the same previous location.

Barbara Rivett


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