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Snohomish Mayoral Election
Guzak blaming pot for loss is misguided

To the Editor:
Regarding the Nov. 15th article on page 9, with the subheadline “Snohomish:  Kartak, who’s never held government office before, poised to lead city of 10,000”: Karen Guzak is quoted as saying “I feel really sad that those misconceptions and lies (about the marijuana issue) were propagated about me” and “I feel that I ran a really great, clean campaign and my ‘Kindness Crew’ helped me enormously.”
Blaming the Proposition 1 ballot issue for her defeat is ironic.  It was Mayor Guzak herself who cast the deciding vote to hold the marijuana election in 2017 instead of 2016, a presidential election year where more younger voters turn out. (See minutes to Feb. 16, 2016 Snohomish city council meeting).
Further, she hardly ran a campaign of “kindness” when candidate Guzak calls her opponent’s supporters in the press “liars” and “anarchists.”
Karen Guzak lost because the citizens got fed up with the poor management, arrogance, cronyism, and wasteful spending in city government.

Morgan Davis


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