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Snohomish Mayoral Race
Guzak can serve better on council, not as the mayor

To the Editor:
I don’t know Karen Guzak personally. My impressions come from newspapers and discussions with her supporters. I am wondering if Guzak is disingenuous, hypocritical, devious or egotistical in her bid for strong mayor.
Hypocritical? Last year she campaigned hard to prevent a strong mayor government. Now Guzak wants to be the strong mayor. To me, that’s fishy. Egotistical? Guzak told supporters she’d only run for mayor if no other candidates were qualified. Never mind that Snohomish has a long history of successful, strong mayors whose qualifications, like John Kartak’s, were no more or less than other citizens interested in the well-being of Snohomish.
My impressions leave me wanting Guzak to stay on the council, and I would unhesitatingly vote for her in that position.
Her explanations of why she’s running for strong mayor do not make her a credible or trustworthy candidate. Vote for John Kartak and hope Karen Guzak will support Snohomish by guiding Mayor Kartak from her council position.

Paul Heckel


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