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Snohomish Mayoral Race
Would Kartak veto council over marijuana?

To the Editor:
Snohomish made the decision, by 11 votes, to move from weak mayor to strong mayor with the idea of giving people the vote and hence the voice in local government. The man leading the charge was none other than the man running for current mayor, John Kartak. But at a public forum led by the League of Women Voters, Kartak gave a startling response to the issue of marijuana being sold in Snohomish. If Advisory Position #1 –Measure for the Sale of Marijuana within Snohomish City Limits is passed by the voters and the city council approved, Kartak stated he would use his power to veto their votes.
He had stated on June 19, 2017 that has is always capable of setting his own feelings aside in order to properly represent our town, then by his words said at the League forum that he would set aside the views of the people.
So, what is it? If elected to a 4-year term is he for “personal agenda” or “will of the people.” If history serves me right, Snohomish had voted out the “strong mayor” role because of self-serving, pet projects and going against “will of the people.” We are now back to the “strong mayor” role and it looks like we’re back in the same boat.

Amy Buddie


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