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Gun control
Writer: Get rid of your guns

To the Editor:
Don’t just lower the flag; drop your guns.
Fifty-eight people just like us, just like our families, died in a fusillade of automatic gunfire on October 1st.  Five hundred further casualties have had their lives changed traumatically.  A madman had acquired more than 23 firearms legally, had a permit to carry them, and so we pay lip service to preserving a Second Amendment  that is literally massacring our citizens in our streets, our homes... our schools.  We have become inured to “just another mass shooting” because our politicians lack the political courage to end this war on ourselves.  We must drop our guns and say “no more.”
Call your local police and tell them you want to help by having your guns destroyed.  Stop buying guns... invest in peace, not violence.  Overcome your fears, or that fear will own you.  It will kill you as it did my neighbor, by his own hand. 
Drop your guns. Save yourselves. 

Peter Messinger


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