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Snohomish Mayoral Race
Guzak has ample experience

To the Editor:
Karen Guzak has worked tirelessly and effectively during her tenure as a councilwoman. Her contacts with county and state leaders have helped to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars into our city for projects such as the Bickford Avenue roundabout and our new boat launch. These are dollars that did not have to come directly out of the pockets of Snohomish citizens.
Karen sees the need not for growth, but for smart growth, bringing in enough revenue to lessen the tax burden on individual citizens while maintaining the beauty, character and lifestyle of the city we love.
Management and government experience couldn’t be more important during this transition to a strong mayor form of government. We need someone to administer a $28 million budget with efficiency and effectiveness and Karen has the skill to do the job.

Janet Kusler


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