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Letters to the Editor in the Herald
Some letters went too far

To the Editor:
In all my 75 years living in Snohomish, I have never witnessed a mayoral campaign such as this one, filled with acrimony and outright falsehoods and,yes, libel.
Specifically, the Daily Herald recently printed three scurrilous letters attacking John Kartak or his supporters.
The first letter by Jeff Vileta linked John Kartak with the “alt-right,” a hate group. John is certainly no white supremacist.
The second letter by Karen Guzak libeled Bill Betten, a close associate of John’s, as having “a history of lying and character assassination.” Bill’s letter Guzak referenced contained no lies or falsehoods. City records show the 2011 Carnegie Master Plan, again adopted by the City Council on June 20th, will cost the city taxpayers $5,145,722.  Guzak wrote the cost is “undetermined.”
The third letter by Lanni Johnson questioned John’s education and even intelligence or “horsepower” to run a city of 50 employees. 
These are gutter campaign tactics.

Morgan Davis


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