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County Council race
Kristin Kelly fights for the people

To the Editor:
I’ve lived in the Cavalero Hill area most of my life.  I’ve watched as Lake Stevens has expanded from a little town on the northeast side of the lake to the new subdivisions on the hillsides above the trestle.  I’m supporting Kristin Kelly for Snohomish County Council District 5 and I’d like new residents to know why.
Back in the ‘90s, Kristin co-owned Turners Grocery.  When it became clear that the county was going to allow a big box store and strip malls at the top of Cavalero Hill, Kristin worked to inform and organize neighbors and the community.  By pushing back, these 33 acres are now a county park. This park would not be there if not for Kristin Kelly.
Kristin did not stop with Cavalero Hill, she has continued to advocate for quality of life issues throughout Snohomish County.  She’s a proven leader who not only talks the talk but actually walks the walk.

Carol McDonald
Lake Stevens


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