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Snohomish Carnegie Annex
Let annex age gracefully

To the Editor:
Regarding the Sept. 27 letter in the Tribune by Garth Culver: I respectfully disagree with his statement “it (Annex) is the only structure on First Street that wasn’t built in the 1880s to 1930s or designed to be compatible with same.”
Here’s just one example that belies Mr. Culver’s statement: Bob Hart, a builder in Snohomish, built “Patrick Plaza” right across the street from the Carnegie properties. Just before the building was completed, the Tribune quoted Karen Guzak as describing Mr. Hart’s new building as the “yellow monstrosity,” a reference to the building wrapped in yellow insulation before siding was applied.
It’s such a huge building so out of scale with the neighborhood, it dwarfs the 1910 Carnegie building even with the Annex.
Karen Guzak is determined to pour $4 million to $5 million of city tax money into destroying the Annex and restoring the 1910 building, albeit in phases.
Mr. Culver further states the businesses on First Street generate sales taxes that are shared with the city (about 1 percent of sales).
To recoup the millions spent on the 1910 building, First Street businesses would have to generate NEW sales amounting to $400 million to $500 million!
Let the historic 50-year-old Annex age gracefully: It ain’t broke, don’t destroy it.

Evangeline Loranc


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