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Civic Engagement
Community building doesn’t just ‘happen’

To the Editor:
Cultural preservation is more than sandblasted buildings and brick painted sidewalks. Cultural preservation is about character, community and sharing the old with the new. 
Understanding why places, people, objects and events are treasures helps people find their place in the community. 
Newcomers become Locals by knowing our cultural history, sharing the old stories and participating in decision making.
So, while you are giving sushi to new neighbors, welcome them with a few local legends and invite them to a public meeting. 
Council meetings have time for citizen comments on any topic. They meet on the first and third Tuesday every month at 7 p.m., agendas are available on the city website. 
Council workshops are where the decisions are made and where you can discover the character of the council members. Workshops are held at 6 p.m. before Council meetings.
If you like your community, build it. 

Colleen Dunlap


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