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Snohomish Carnegie Annex
Building is today out of place

To the Editor:
Regarding the Carnegie Annex and Morgan Davis’s letter (Sept. 13 Tribune):
50 years ago I might have thought the Carnegie Annex was beautiful and modern. At age 76, I think it is an example of one of the worst periods of architecture. The thing that makes it a “cancerous growth” (Warner Blake’s word choice Mr. Davis responded to) is that it is the only structure on First Street that wasn’t built in the 1880s to the 1930s or designed to be compatible with same. The annex doesn’t fit the city and it should go.
Taxpayers? The businesses on First Street pay property taxes and they generate sales tax that is shared with the city. It is the character of the street that brings in visitors and revenue. A restored library will be a major asset to that character. The annex is not.
I have lived in a lot of places, never one as well managed as Snohomish. Karen Guzak and others deserve kudos for preserving it. It ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.

Garth Culver


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