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Snohomish Garbage Services
Trash bins are the same size

To the Editor:
I read with interest Bruce Ferguson’s letter to the editor (Sept. 13 Tribune) regarding Republic’s new smaller trash containers, and the lack of respect that he felt had been paid to the citizens of Snohomish by our current city government for forcing a fraud on its residents. 
The first thing I did was go out and read the lid of my new wheeled container (which Bruce could have done himself).  New containers hold 35 gallons of rubbish.  The old standard garbage container, which residents had to supply themselves, held 32 gallons of trash.  The fact that our new container has wheels, I am grateful for. The fact that it has a lift bar, which means it can be securely hoisted and emptied, likely helps Republic ensure the safety of their employees’ work environment. 
The new contract lowers residents’ garbage bills, though not by a huge amount.  In fact, at our house we use a 20 gallon (small can) insert in our new trash bin, which lowers monthly costs by an additional $3.35.  
I would suggest to Mr. Ferguson if he wants low cost, a monthly trip to the local transfer station would be $20. Another idea would be to organize, with like minded residents, his own garbage collection cooperative.  And while this suggestion may yield reduced costs, it definitely would provide input regarding the value of this service.
In conclusion, I congratulate our city government: council, mayor and city manager for a great trash/recycling collection contract. 

Janice Lengenfelder


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