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Snohomish Carnegie Building
Tearing down annex insults locals’ tastes

To the Editor:
Warner Blake wrote a recent letter to the editor (Aug. 29 Herald newspaper) that removing the 1968 Carnegie Annex is like removing “a cancerous growth.”
I disagree.
50 years ago, our last strong mayor, the iconic and colorful Payson Peterson, among others dedicated the annex.  Everyone in town at the time loved its design and aesthetics. They especially liked the one story, no elevators, and handicapped accessibility features. They loved its practicality and cost effectiveness that the hardy townspeople were famous for.  
Almost 30 years later we have the spectacle of Warner Blake coming to Snohomish insulting the locals’ tastes and decisions and working to destroy what he calls a “cancerous growth.”
The problem is, Blake and his partner Councilwoman Karen Guzak, who’s running for mayor, now want us local taxpayers to pay $4 million to achieve their “dream.”
(See Snohomish City Council meeting minutes for July 15, 2014).

Morgan Davis


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