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Downtown Snohomish
City can use a parking lot

To the Editor:
There have been many articles written recently about our Historic Carnegie Building and Hal Moe Pool. I find city parks and grass to be aesthetically pleasing. Our riverfront trail downtown has a few picnic tables and city visitors can enjoy the view and take a nice stroll.
Being grandparents, we have found the play parks here nice and never crowded, even on the weekends.
The point I would like to make is instead of parks, lets think parking lots. We avoid our beautiful town of shops and restaurants on the weekend because parking is so limited. When we have out-of-town guests, who also love our town, we drop them off and search for a place to park that usually involves a long hike back.  I have also discussed this with merchants that are frustrated they and their customers have no place to park.
Hal Moe is not that far from the trail that leads to downtown. It would be a nice place for the bike riders to park. A parking lot could have beautiful hanging flower pots and a bench to the side. Even 10 or 15 extra parking spots would accentuate downtown.

Barbara Rivett


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