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Snohomish mayoral race
Guzak is the better leader

To the Editor:
I would like to write in support Karen Guzak for Mayor of Snohomish.
I have known her for over 10 years through Snohomish Women’s Networking. She has faithfully supported this group and our businesses, using our services, befriending us, opening up her business and home for many of the activities.
She has respect for me as person; for my Christian faith and the different faith of others. It is important to me leadership does not judge or condemn someone whom is different from them, but judges the actions independently.
- As a woman she is a strong role model.
- She contributes to our community, owning both the Yoga Circle and Angel Arm Works, a performance and event center brings cultural diversity to our community.
She uses and chooses to promote earth friendly processes, I like knowing the city council has someone who will watch out for the impact on our environment.
Her work on the city council has this goal in mind: “Community service is a great opportunity for spiritual growth, working for a more peaceful, effective, celebratory community. It’s a big art project that improves the quality of life for a lot of people.” I believe this statement from her portrays her efforts and the essence of her personality.
She has over 8 years of experience serving our community and I believe she is an excellent choice we are looking for.

Vicki Machovsky


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