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Drug abusers
Pick a path for drug users

To the Editor:
I just got through reading the article about Clearview’s opiate problem (Aug. 23 Tribune). I must say, that once again, I am appalled at the way that the authorities are making the problem worse. What I mean is that instead of “sticking up” for these people, and saying they don’t belong in jail, why doesn’t everybody put their heads together and come up with a way to either keep the addicts locked up, or treated? If you don’t have money for jails and prisons, then get some. If you feel like they are sick, then get money for hospitals, but, whatever you do, keep them away from the rest of us! A junkie can get cleaned up if they want to, but, they never will, because their life is so absolutely glamorized, that they don’t even need to worry about consequences of their bad behavior! The way you guys are doing now, is obliviously not working.

Joanie Bagan



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