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Snohomish Carnegie Building
Plans will cost public big money

To the Editor:
Red alert to Snohomish real estate taxpayers and water and sewer ratepayers!
The City Council on Aug. 15 voted again to implement the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation’s 2011 Master Plan, except now with city funding. 
As late as 2014, the city and Foundation estimated the cost to restore the interior of the 1910 building to be $4 million (see July 15, 2014 council minutes).
Council’s Aug. 15 decision means there are no other real options than the 2011 plan, such as selling the property to the private sector or just fixing the leaky roof on the now historic 1968 annex for city offices and meeting rooms (estimated cost $80,000).
If homeowners and renters want their living expenses to go up to pay for this plan, support the plan.

Evangeline Loranc


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