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Snohomish Carnegie Building
Annex is still an asset

To the Editor:
Regarding the letters of Aug. 9, Aug. 2, and July 26 in the Tribune: Some of the comments included:
Remove the “ugly annex.”
Remove the “current eyesore of the annex.”
Remove the “dated, unsightly 1970’s (sic) addition.
Remove the “1968 addition to restore the beauty of the 1910 building.”
Our foundation is making great progress in reversing the ill-advised June 20th council workshop plan to quickly destroy this valuable, historic, city-owned 1968 annex solely because of so-called “poor aesthetics.”
 “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 
This annex’s aesthetics issue on whether to remodel or remove is the same as the recent 1968 County Courthouse fiasco where the County Council authorized $162 million to destroy the 1968 building and build a new one across the street (at a cost of $8 million for each courtroom!).
However, after years of dithering back and forth, the County Council reversed themselves when the taxpayers balked (rightly so) at the huge price-tag.
Although some Superior Court judges wanted a brand new building, calling the 1968 building an example of “Soviet-style architecture,” most of them came to their senses and embraced the final plan to keep and refurbish the now historic 1968 Courthouse and Spanish Mission buildings.
We believe a similar awakening will happen to the 2018 Snohomish City Council when they analyze the Cost/Benefit ratios and what the relative costs per square foot to be determined by a licensed structural engineer to be chosen at the Aug. 15 council meeting.

Bill Betten
105 Cedar Ave. Foundation


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