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Snohomish Carnegie Building
Suggestion for parkland

To the Editor:
I write in agreement with Candace Jarrett’s letter (July 26 Tribune) in support of a park next to the Carnegie Library, rather than that ugly annex.
However, I go one step further and propose that after tearing down the annex, we move the Snohomish Veterans Memorial back to its proper place next to the library, and then name the park, “Snohomish Veterans Memorial Park,” in recognition of our veterans of whom we are so proud!  The names on that Memorial represent people who gave their lives for our country!   What a wonderful addition to our downtown that park would be.  The perfect place to rest after walking up and down First Street, visiting all the shops.
In looking at the Facebook page for the Carnegie Foundation, I see that they are proposing that the park be named the Emma Patrick Memorial Park.  Recognizing the contribution of individuals to our library is a fine idea.  Let’s put up a memorial to all the women who contributed to our library and kept it alive!  There were more involved than Emma Patrick!
But the park which houses our Veterans Memorial, should be named in recognition of our Veterans!  To do anything else would be a disservice to them.

Lanni Johnson


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