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Snohomish Carnegie Building
Bring back the park

To the Editor:
Snohomish is finally close to again having a park next to the historic Carnegie Library Building on Cedar Avenue.
The land was originally donated not only for the 1910 Carnegie Library but also for an adjacent park. For decades our community enjoyed the wide welcoming space. Children ran on the grass.  We met friends there and sat on the bench under the cherry tree. We had our picture taken in front of the huge log or on the grand stairs leading up to the library.
We lost our park to the 1968 addition, but when that is removed and the beauty and integrity of the Carnegie Library Building is restored we will have a much needed and desired gathering place in the historic downtown area.  We are so fortunate that we do not have to buy expensive land for a park because that valuable space already belongs to all of us. The park will be a wonderful addition to Snohomish.

Candace Jarrett


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