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Published July 26, 2017

Snohomish Mayoral race
Kartak’s the guy

To the Editor:
We support John Kartak for Mayor of Snohomish because John believes in and will work to protect the small town values of Snohomish and its unique historic legacy.
John Kartak values privacy for the citizens and transparency in our government.
John Kartak honors citizen input and will ensure our voice is heard and respected at City Hall in Snohomish.
This election for a “strong” mayor in Snohomish was brought about through the efforts of John Kartak and those that support him. John Kartak is the only candidate for mayor who supported Proposition 2. This election is Part Two of Proposition 2 which enabled the voters to elect a “Strong” Mayor in this election. Proposition 2 was approved by the voters despite the opposition of the other candidates who are now disingenuously running for mayor in this election.
John Kartak represents real honest change. If either of the seated City Council members wins, their intention is to continue the outgoing “weak mayor” system by serving in a part-time capacity and continuing to defer “executive” authority to a city administrator costing the taxpayers of Snohomish well over $200,000 a year.
John Kartak will address the issues of economic health, urban growth, zoning, traffic congestion, wasteful spending, homelessness and the heartbreak of drug addiction in Snohomish.

David Clay
Co-manager for the John Kartak Campaign


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