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Fire District 4 levy
It’s a new tax to replace an old one

To the Editor:
Fire District 4’s Proposition 1 is asking the people for six more years of levy money. They want us to vote “yes” to continue the existing levy.
So here we go again: Supporters from Fire District 4 tell us in the voter’s pamphlet statement that should the levy fail, we all will feel the hurt: Examples given are longer response time, layoffs, the closure of a station (which one)?  Some of the same reasons were used in 2012 and again in 2013 for the purchase of two new fire trucks. The 2013 levy failed. Did anyone notice a longer response time, using the old trucks ? Should this new levy fail, will anyone notice a change in the current service levels? 
The argument for a “yes” vote states this levy is not a new tax. Wrong. The present levy/tax expires Dec. 31. It’s gone, it’s done. So how can this Prop. 1 not be new tax?
As stated, 91 percent of District 4’s funding is from property taxes. Property taxes are going up. With our property taxes going up,
District 4 will get more money anyhow. You’ll end up paying them twice with a “yes” vote. I say once is enough in my camp. 

Bruce A. Ferguson


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