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Thrift stores
Prices are not too high

To the Editor:
In response to past letters in the Tribune: It appears some eBay sellers feel it’s the responsibility of a thrift shop to price their items “cheap enough” so they can resell an item on eBay at a higher price. It’s not the responsibility of any shop to price their items “cheap enough” to let others make a profit through resale. Check out Value Village or Goodwill — these, too, are considered “benefit” resale thrift stores.
Fabulously Frugal’s prices are always lower than anything I’ve ever found in the other stores.
Each store benefits people and the local communities. They all have bills, payroll, volunteers, training, rent, they all recycle. Fabulously Frugal gets a ton of stuff that needs to be sifted through. It’s no small effort.
In real world business, it’s whatever the market will allow. I’ve spent years comparing prices also. I found a crystal bowl in a shop on First Street for $35. I found the same bowl at Fabulously Frugal three months later for $15. What? Price too high??
I donate a lot to this shop. I want the shop to benefit from the donation. I want the senior center programs to flourish and expand through the sales from the shop.

Becky Alke


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