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Snohomish Mayoral Race
Burke is the level-headed candidate

To the Editor:
I will be voting for Councilman Derrick Burke as Snohomish’s new strong mayor for these reasons:
1. He is the only councilmember who spoke out against no-bid contracts, against the Economic Development position, and spending millions of city real estate and utility funds at 105 Cedar Avenue for a new so-called “Carnegie Educational Center” when the owner of an average home will be paying an extra $330 next year in real estate taxes for the school district (Source: July 6 Seattle Times).
2. Of the two council member candidates for mayor, he was the only one who supported lifting the ban on legal medical and retail cannabis in the city.
3. He has seven years of council experience, working with staff and the department heads. As executive strong mayor, this institutional knowledge gives him a short learning curve and the edge in running the city compared to the other candidates.
4. Unlike two of the other three politically “hyper-partisan” candidates, Burke is an independent thinker with an even temperament and the “broad shoulders” to accept and even embrace criticism of city government.
Vote Derrick Burke for a new beginning in Snohomish city government.

Evangeline Loranc


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