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Harvey Field
A novel idea to put runway elsewhere

To the Editor:
Regarding Harvey Field runway realignment (June 21st Tribune): Currently, the runway at Harvey Airfield runs north and south along Airport Way, with highly populated areas at both ends. Airport consultant J-viation has recommended relocating a large portion of Airport Way and eventually placing hangars and warehouses near the east side of state Route 9.  Their reason is to improve pilot convenience, reduce pilot errors, and get away from the congestion caused from all the activities along the west side of Airport Way; for example, storage of boats, RV’s, and motor homes; apartments, espresso stand, and a busy restaurant and bar.
Instead of county and federal taxpayers spending tens of millions of dollars to reroute Airport Way southward with serious environmental issues and impacts, why not the FAA and County simply purchase basically undeveloped agricultural land for a new runway just west of SR 9 and between Marsh Road and the Lowell-Snohomish River Road and lease it to the private, for-profit Harvey Airfield to operate?  This new runway would run parallel to state Route 9 or at a NW to SE tilt.
I understand the FEMA and county development regulations are less stringent or restrictive there than the current major floodway density fringe designations at Harvey Field and the farmland south of Airport Way.
The end result of this suggestion would cost county and federal taxpayers much less and at the same time provide greater benefits to General Aviation, the environment, and the residents than what J-viation is proposing.

Morgan Davis



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