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Published June 8, 2016

Urban planning
An idea for First Street

To the Editor:
City of Snohomish, we would like to make a suggestion for the city to consider: Buy up the site of the now closed Seattle-Snohomish Lumber Mill across the river from town, turn it into a parking area and riverfront park, construct one or two pedestrian bridges across the beautiful Snohomish River to First Street, have complimentary shuttle to town, close off First Street to traffic and make it a walking pedestrian-friendly open mall.
One example you could use for ideas, and to see the popularity of such an idea, is the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, Colorado. They have restaurants/coffee shops open to the mall with outdoor seating, sculptures, street vendors and performers, beautiful vegetation, and of course, a large tourist/local clientele. Pearl Street Mall is an outdoor destination and is extremely popular. Snohomish is a venue for urban people and inviting them to stroll and delay leaving in an outdoor mall setting would be ideal for the merchants and restaurants. Snohomish is growing, will continue so, and now would be the time to plan for the future of this lovely town and keep it vibrant with people wanting to come back again and again. First Street presently has wonderful ambiance, but the traffic and parking make it not so attractive and inviting as it could be. Water attracts people and perhaps a consideration to offering boat rides could also be discussed — an idea fostered by old pictures of the paddle wheel boats that used to work the river.

Bruce and Angelina Buchholz




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