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Published June 1, 2016

East Monroe rezone
Council is waiting for what reason?

To the Editor:
As a long-time opponent of the East Monroe rezone, I remain frustrated by the Monroe City Council’s reluctance to put an end to this costly debacle.  Certain City Council members have staunchly supported the rezone without regard to the financial cost to the city. 
I should note that the City Council has responsible council members who have opposed the rezone. 
The council members who have supported the rezone must be held accountable for their poor financial stewardship. A key step in holding them accountable begins with a complete financial accounting audit by an independent firm of the direct and indirect costs and expenses incurred by the city associated with the East Monroe rezone. 
Additionally, the city’s continuing noncompliance with the Growth Management Hearing Board’s earlier rulings have resulted in the city being ineligible for certain grants. 
The city needs to be entirely transparent in tallying its costs and lost grant opportunities so residents can understand the total financial and other resources the city has devoted to this futile exercise in rezoning a virtually undevelopable parcel in East Monroe. 
From the outset of the East Monroe Rezone it is clear that the rezone effort was all about pursuing a narrow, private interest at the expense of the common good.  Objective observers of the process have consistently ruled in favor of the opponents of the rezone including two rulings by the Growth Management Hearing Board which have placed the rezone at death’s door. 
It is time to inter the corpse.

Lowell Anderson


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