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Published May 24, 2016

PUD billing
Oppose monthly PUD billing

To the Editor:
I have been opposed to monthly billing by the PUD since it was first announced but I have not been harmed by it. I am still opposed to it.
According to the mission statement and values and goals, the PUD aims to provide products and services in a cost effective and environmentally sound manner, to manage our supplies to control cost, to provide cost effective service and to be sensitive to the natural environment in operations.
According to the April 27 Tribune, it will cost $18 million and require many more meter readers and customer service workers over the next three years to continue the monthly billing which has, evidently, already caused much consternation for some.
I do not believe spending that money, adding more vehicles to traffic and increasing our carbon footprint by burning more fuel is in keeping with the values and goals of the PUD.
I think a better plan would be to realize a mistake was made and to return to billing every two months. I urge you and your fellow commissioners and all who are involved in the decision making to consider this option and adopt it.

Ed Crawford



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