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Published May 24, 2016

Open government
Was report worth the money?

To the Editor:
You don’t need a focus group to tell you how to openly ommunicate with citizens (May 11 Tribune story).
Being an elected official implies the willingness to take on this responsibility.
The Snohomish City Government, just needs to  “be transparent.”
Transparency is not working behind closed doors for a year with Verizon to erect a 100’ cell tower next to the Snohomish Boys and Girls Club in an historic Snohomish city park, Averill Field, before even revealing the plan with the citizens.
Transparency is not stealthily removing the deed restriction that disallowed that kind of use and then trying to sneak it past the citizens.
Transparency is not trying to bill property owners thousands of dollars for developer fees the City neglected to collect.
Who chose the vendor to conduct the transparency focus group? Was it put out for bids?
How did the city government arrive at their choice of vendor to perform the study about how the citizens of Snohomish feel about their city government?
Snohomish citizens are speaking out about the lack of transparency in City government and City Councilman Derrick Burke disparages them by calling them lazy-minded.
This is an example of the very attitude from elected public officials that has caused so many Americans to become cynical and no longer trust their representative government.
Councilman Derrick Burke and others in Snohomish City government need to find another hobby.

David Clay


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