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Published May 18, 2016

Title: Food to Africa
Let’s tackle hunger together

To the Editor:
It was inspirational to see Snohomish High students and staff packing meals for the hungry in Africa. (“Panthers pack meals for Africa,” front page May 11).
Snohomish also has a local food bank with support of community of volunteers who care, working and donating to alleviate local hunger. All of these inspirational activities are so helpful to meet the immediate need of so many who are hungry in our country and our world. This includes at least one in six in America, and a large percentage of those are children. So while I applaud these efforts, I encourage people to go beyond the immediate need and take action on the underlying causes and possible solutions to the problem of hunger. 
Hunger is one of the issues RESULTS ( is working on, including the local Snohomish group.  We would love for you to join us in working to end hunger and poverty.  Connect with us at “RESULTS in Snohomish County” on Facebook, or call me at 253-831-1453, and help us make a positive difference in our country and our world.

Author: Willie Dickerson



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