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Published May 11, 2016

Open government in Snohomish
Was report worth the money?

To the Editor:
Regarding the Snohomish City Council’s decision to pay Ron Dotzauer of the firm Strategies 360 $13,000 for an “Open Government Opinion Research Report”: The report was made public at the May 3 council meeting by city manager Larry Bauman.
There were eight focus group members who were paid $150 each to attend in-person sessions in Kirkland.  However, after realizing the members selected by Dotzauer through “word of mouth, social media,referrals,etc.” were actually non-city residents, Bauman and the council accepted an additional eight city residents’ opinions by telephone to supplement the bogus group of non-city, in-person interviewees at the Kirkland location.
I urge Snohomish residents to read Dotzauer’s report to see if his findings and conclusions were really worth $13,000 from the taxpayers.
All of my neighbors who read the report replied they didn’t learn anything new about city government. The report was a waste of city taxpayer money and another example of our city government not spending money wisely and responsibly.

Morgan Davis



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